What is The Strength Therapist?

Welcome to our new site!

The Strength Therapist was formed out of a need for providing quality information & support to athletes & people pursing their best self. Hannah & myself were being asked questions in various realms of health – fitness, rehab, nutrition, etc. – and we found a lot of reoccurring themes to these questions. We wanted to find a way to help as many people as possible, providing information that wasn’t bro-science or guru facts. Instead, we wanted to combine our experiences working with hundreds, if not thousands, of people with the most up to date scientific literature on rehabilitation, performance, and nutrition. Through this platform we will not only provide top quality information, but information that is able to be implemented for improved results.

To start off our blog, we wanted to give a quick run down of what can be expected from it:

  • Blog articles ranging from rehabilitation, competitive strength sports, fitness, performance, “prehabilitation”, living a healthy lifestyle, physical therapy, plus nutrition

  • Videos on how to perform exercises, ways to make exercises more challenging, technical points on lifts, tips for improved fitness & health, cooking videos, and more!

  • E-books on getting incredibly fit, building savage strength, and much more

  • Custom services to help you become the best possible version of yourself you can

Check out the store for what we have offered right now and keep your eyes peeled for more products to come!


The Strength Therapist Crew

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