Eat Less Move More (ELMM) #1 - getting started

Its that simple right? Just eat less and move more and you’ll burn off fat.

Yes, but no.

While taken at a global view it is true, but when we look at its implementation or real life usage, it is not. As my fellow Canadian, James Fell, wrote in detail, it’s not that simple when people don’t know what to do.

That’s where I was inspired to begin writing about what to do.

Obesity is one of the largest epidemics in North America and currently we are not doing a good job of addressing it. Hopefully through this article series we will be able to begin making that change.

The plan here is that every week I will release 1-2 articles on this topic for the entire year – reaching a total of 52+ tips to help those in reaching their goal to eat less move more. These tips will not be just in regards to nutrition or fitness, but start to dig into the whole concept of obesity and look at our habits and lifestyles that continue to feed into it. There won’t be any crash diet tips here, no tips on making X weight loss in Y days. No, the goal here is to make real change that won’t just come back in a few weeks.

Tip 1 –

Figure out why you want to drop the weight and make a reminder

Being overweight is not desirable for multiple reasons, but not all of those reasons matter to everyone. Finding out your why is what truly matters. Do you want to drop the weight for a health reason? What is that health reason? Do you want to drop the weight for a physical appearance reasons? What is that reason? Do you want to drop the weight for a

Once you actually know why you want to do it, it be more meaningful. One of the biggest reasons I see New Year’s resolutions fail is that people don’t make them meaningful enough. If the difference between your goal of losing weight is just if you feel like it or not, you’ll probably not do it. In contrast, if the reason you want to lose weight is because you can no longer play with your children sufficiently and you want to give them a good role model that we can succeed in reaching our goals, well that’s something you’re likely going to be able to do.

After you’ve firmly figured out your why, put it somewhere you’ll see it. In fact, put it lots of places you’ll see it. This is particularly helpful if you have some sort of trigger that breaks you from continuing to make progress. Good places are on the bathroom mirror for when you first wake up, on the TV for when you sit down, on the fridge, etc. You don’t have to be so blatant with it if that makes you uncomfortable (such as if you have roommates), but at least write some sort of sentence that will remind you to keep strong.

This is the foundation to making any real change.

Move well, lift heavy, stay healthy,

The Strength Therapist Crew

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