For The Love Of Caffeine - Eat Less Move More #2

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I think its safe to say that a large portion of fitness junkies across the globe have one vice in common, caffeine. In America alone 68 million people drink at least three cups of coffee a day. Within these cups, we add creamers, syrups, sugars, milk the list of additives to coffee is endless. When you pull up to your local coffee shop in the morning and spit out your order, have you worked out the basis of the caloric intake of your order?

Personally, coffee was one of the last items in my daily routine that I assessed. I grew up in caffeine free household, and never really has the desire for coffee, my father occasionally had a black coffee so naturally it didn't interest me. It wasn't until I was spending countless hours in CrossFit gyms and cafes after class that I was compelled to join the caffeine crew. Naive to calories my original order would be a white chocolate mocha to mask the taste of the espresso. As time progressed and the love espresso grew, my order became a latte. For the undressed coffee drinkers a latte is simply, espresso balanced with steamed milk and a light layer of foam, ( roughly 190 cal for 16 fl oz, 2 % milk).

Now that we all know my order let talk about calories. I feel like the challenges of dieting/cutting is the calories that almost seem to sneak up on you. Drinks, sauces, seasoning, spray oils (pam), all these additives we use but almost seem oblivious to their caloric density. Last year when I made my first big cut I had a rude awakening to these calories. The need to become more creative with my calorie intake was crucial. At the time I was a full time hairdresser and my latte was apart of my morning routine, but when I got further into my cut and my calories where descending it was hard to make sense of keeping this apart of my diet.

Compromise-“ the result of such a settlement.” How could I keep my coffee but loose the calories. Well the first decrease was clearly to nonfat milk but that only dropped the calories by 30, that was not enough. Okay, back to the Starbucks menu I went, Caffe Misto. This is A one-to-one mix of fresh brewed coffee and steamed milk ( 70 cal for 16 fl oz non fat milk). I seriously just shaved 120 calories off my daily order without even tasting a difference. Its amazing these small changes that seriously can make a huge difference in the diet game. As a reference point thats one cup of egg whites, 5 ounces of grilled chicken, a skinny cow ice cream sandwich!

Depending where you are at in your diet game this may have just added a entire meal to your day or one badass snack, but just wait this gets better. As my love for caffeine greatly increased over time, I am now hooked on Starbucks double shot on ice ( no classic), essentially this is espresso shaken on ice with a splash of non fat milk. This beverage clocks in at a whopping 35 Cal, 35! I have found a compromise in my dieting journey that I am able to enjoy myself without having a caloric burden riding in myfitnesspal.

Wherever you are in your journey know that options are out there, flexible dieting can be tricky to find the boundaries and what works for you but at the end of the day there are endless options to satisfy your sanity and help reach your goals!

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