2016 Reflections

I’m sure we all look back upon the year as it comes to a close, looking to the great, skimming the bad, and evaluating how the year went for us. This is something I’ve done every year for as long as I can remember, and for the majority of the years I can remember I’ve always been happy but not content. However, as I look to the year of 2016, I can firmly say this has been the best year of my life.

Where else to start in my evaluation than in marrying the love of my life. Hannah walked into my life and absolutely altered my perspective on everything. Through our relationship I’ve learned so much about myself, what it truly means to love another person, and how to care for someone unconditionally. She has lead by example in our relationship in many ways, especially the unconditional love. Moving to the US to be closer to me and no other reason is not something easily done, walking away from her own business, friends, and family. Every day she helps guide me to being a better man and challenging me to be a better person in general.

My personal development, whether it be spiritually, psychologically, or in the pursuit of physical therapy, this last year has been the best I’ve ever had. I have found a place spiritually where I’m truly happy. Psychologically I’ve learned a great deal about myself and this has helped me interact with friends, family, patients, and clients better.

As a future physical therapist, this year has been amazing – I became the president for the DPT student body at MCPHS, the core ambassador for the state of Massachusetts for the APTA, a student ambassador for Clinical Athlete, attended the National student conclave, and sought out amazing practitioners and networked my face off to help not only become more knowledgeable for PT, but also to help spread my own knowledge.

Obviously the start of The Strength Therapist has been great and I’m incredibly excited for what is to come from it. This venture with Hannah has brought a great avenue for us to express our views and help guide people to truly develop into their best possible self – moving well, lifting heavy, and staying healthy. Additionally, with the works of a few projects underway I’m very excited to help expand our reach and help even more people reach their fitness dreams.

The growth of my coaching service cannot go without mention. In the past year I’ve launched two group programs – Powerlifting for Athletics & Rugged Weightlifting. As well, I’ve coached numerous people to reach their physique goals, fitness goals, personal fulfillment, and competition success – seeing multiple athletes take provincial and national records.

As an individual, I’ve had an incredibly different year of growth in athletics than other years. In most recent years I’ve dealt with a lot of issues that limited my training, particularly my R hip. However, I feel as though I’ve truly begun to be able to manage it to a much greater extent and it has lead to a decent year of improvement physically and athletically. With the coming year of lifting, I’m very excited to step back onto a platform after what will likely be nearly two years without competing. None of those are small goals, but with my wife by my side I know these are attainable.

Move well, lift heavy, stay healthy,

The Strength Therapist

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