Breakfast – Most important meal of the day

We’ve all heard the endless tirade of why breakfast is so important but in reality those extra few minutes of snooze time can often seem so much more worthy than a prepared meal, after all… you can pick up a breakfast sandwich anywhere, right? Why not enjoy the best of both worlds—a delicious and nutritious meal that you can eat at home but prepare the night before!

This berry-liscious smoothie bowl recipe literally takes 5 minutes to put together but will keep you full for hours! And it is jam-packed with so many healthy nutrients to support your entire body in an endeavour to get fit!

The colourful berries provide you with powerful anti-oxidants and phytonutrients to not only battle the cold and flu season (so you don’t miss a workout) but also detoxify those pesky free radicals that build up as a result of exercise! The healthy seeds that I include are not only excellent sources of essential fatty acids (omega 3’s and 6’s) which will help you to reduce inflammation, but they also provide you with a boost of fibre first thing in the morning so that you feel fuller, longer. And finally, protein! I like to use hemp protein because I have a sensitive stomach and found that both whey and soy gave me digestive issues, however, any protein powder will do. Mix it in there and give your muscles the building blocks they need to grow through your workout!

Overnight Chia Pudding 1 CUP • Milk of preference I prefer nut milk 1 SCOOP • Chocolate Protein Powder (I used Ergogenics Hemp Protein)

2 TBSP • Black Chia Seeds 1 TBSP • Ground Flaxseed Blend these ingredients together using a Magic Bullet, blender or other. Pour into a bowl and top with: 1 TBSP • Raw, Unsalted Pumpkin Seeds 1 CUP • Mixed Berries Refrigerate overnight and it will be ready and waiting for you to enjoy upon waking.

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