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In this series we are going to talk about a habit every 2 weeks until we’ve covered the major ones that will help individuals be on a good direction with their nutrition.

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Nutrition can be a battle for people. As a society we view it beyond just simple fuel, but a way to spend time, a means of pleasure, and societal gathering. These factors make nutrition no easy thing to simply change. In fact, many people can get down the habit of going to the gym and doing all of the other factors that go into great health & good physique, but can struggle here.

Traditional dieting just is not conducive to longevity for the majority. Few people are going to make every meal of their day, measure it to detail, and never sway. This is why traditional meal plans where you are prescribed X amount of chicken, X amount of broccoli, and X amount of rice is flawed. While there is benefit in this model from controlling a lot of potential “bad” factors in nutrition, few can sustain this model for long.

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More modern nutrition trends such as IIFYM (if it fits your macros) have helped to break the thought process that certain foods are bad and that things such as meal timing are INCREDIBLY important. However, within the IIFYM “system” it leaves too much room for ignoring “good” nutrition and thinking that things such as meal timing and meal composition don’t matter at all. As well, it can often leave people with forming bad relationships with food and choosing to ignore “good” food. This is where habit based nutrition comes in to guide a medium between all of these realms.

Habit based nutrition works on one detail at a time, learning how to implement it into your life and keep it going for the long term. We are not looking to make a two week drastic change in weight that just comes back in another week. Instead, we are going to chase down long term success by learning how to make these become just “natural” decisions, things you don’t have to “work to do” or require “self will” but just things you do automatically.

Through habit based nutrition you learn skills, skills that you build off of to get better and better. These habits are not necessarily things you will stick with forever, though some you likely will, but a stepping stone toward the end result. For example, we will suggest you count your calories and get a good understanding of how much you eat.

This is not because it’s mandatory to live your life counting everything you eat. In fact, once you understand where you actually are, most people are alright not counting and can see good success not counting. However, if you haven’t tracked (carefully tracked), then you likely have no idea just how much you are actually taking in. Once you have that down pat and start to understand food choices, calorie content, macro choices, etc. you stop counting and just make smarter choices.

We know most factors that can get discussed in nutrition matter – timing, macros, micros, composition, total calories, supplements, etc. – but some just matter more than others. As we begin this journey down habit based nutrition, we will begin by prioritizing the things that are the “big rocks” and progressively learn to manage the “little rocks”.

The first big rock in our journey is to track what you’re eating. We’ve suggested this in the past, but now is the time to take action. Here is what we want you to do: for the next two weeks, track everything you consume - liquid and whole food. As we continue forward this will serve as your check to know where you started and see the progress you’ve made. It also helps to serve as a wake up call for a lot of people. Most people have no idea how much their eating or drinking and usually are not acknowledging the small indulgences that accumulate over time.

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Download an app such as myfitnesspal and get started! Don’t delay it, get started - make a checklist for each day that you did and tick off the box.

Move well, lift heavy, stay healthy,

The Strength Therapist

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