Hook grip for weightlifting – should you do it?

Hook grip for weightlifting – should you do it?


In a lot of cases when it comes to questions about weightlifting, rehab, lifting in general, the answer is it depends. When it comes to should you hook grip when weightlifting (snatch or clean), the answer is Yes! For the sake of all things glorious, yes!

For a weightlifter, the hook grip offers a means of being able to hold the most amount of weight possible. As well, when we make contact at the hip/thighs (snatch/clean) and create a minor impulse away from our bodies, the hook grip helps to ensure we secure the bar more effectively in this motion.

Short article here, but in essence: if you want to lift the most weight possible you need to hook grip. If you are new to it, whatever discomfort you feel will go away with time. Each time you snatch/clean start using it and each session try to use it more and more. Over time you will be comfortable with it for all of your weights.

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