Why I'm a Clinical Athlete Member


Lets start off by noting that I am a clinical athlete student ambassador meaning I’m a huge fan of the company. I’ve been a member for over a year and have learned so much that I would have paid far more than the normal student membership for access to the following things.

1. There are some INCREDIBLE forum threads

I’d say there is value in most of the forum posts on the CA website, but there are some that are so damn incredible. When I first signed up for the clinical athlete forum, I spent many afternoons working my way through the manual therapy and pain science sections. This opened my eyes to so much that I had not known and drastically changed the way I thought in regards manual therapy and pain, but also my it challenged general reasoning skills.

For various reasons, some topics get discussed to a greater degree, and these are usually topics that have a lot of view points and misunderstanding about how to be handled. If you are a student, this can help you sift through the hundreds of articles, thousands of clinicians opinions, and get down to the real nitty gritty information we can interpret.

In my opinion, these forum posts have provided more to my education in these areas than much of my formal schooling. The information in the tendinopathy thread has taught me so much in regards to cellular function and physiology and how to treat it that I felt comfortable interacting and helping patients as soon as I encountered this situation.

2. The interaction with top quality clinicians

First off, there are more than just physical therapists in the forum – there are chiropractors, strength and conditioning coaches, massage therapists, physicians, surgeons, etc. It’s a pretty unique situation where you can have so many people from so many different settings/backgrounds interact and discuss topics. Not only that, but these are people who have been interviewed and evaluated to be a part of clinical athlete. As a student, you can be sure that the people on the forum are good people who are there to get better. The clinicians on CA offer guidance and support and truly try to educate students to become even better – never ridiculing them.

3. Networking

Tied in to the previous point, but this has so much benefit it should be its own point. Networking from a perspective of our industry is huge. In addition, these are people who want to help you and should you be able to meet them in person, they are open to it. I’ve met up with people from clinical athlete and it has been fantastic, interacting with like minded individuals and furthering development with them.

4. Interaction with other pro-active students

Let’s be honest, not all students are as excited about physical therapy as each other. That’s cool, not everyone needs to be a therapy nerd, but it is great to be able to interact with others who are. The other students who are on CA there along side with you and trying to expand their knowledge to the furthest extent possible. That’s great people who I personally really enjoy to interact with.

Move well, lift heavy, stay healthy,

The Strength Therapist




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