Hypertrophy-Stability-Motor Control Continuum

We are going to begin examining a concept that should be considered when creating a program for rehab or performance that often gets neglected, or at least not given true attention. We won’t go too far down the programming rabbit hole, but keep it more superficial and focused on this topic. When designing a program, the main factor to consider is the person’s goal and what is required to reach that goal. In general, most people are looking for either some form of athletic improvement or physique improvement. For some it may be to crush a marathon and therefore we need improved aerobic capacity through greater mitochondrial density, for others it might be to be a better defensive end and we increased power through greater utilization of the type 2 fibers.

For the rest of the article, head on over to http://deansomerset.com/hypertrophy-stability-motor-control-continuum/

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