My name is sam spinelli, I am a doctor of physical therapy and a strength & conditioning coach with experience working with professional and olympic sport athletes ranging from football, hockey, bobsleigh, powerlifting, weightlifting, to ballet. 

Training options

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Monthly Programming with Citizen Athletics

Citizen athletics is a company I co-run with Dr. Teddy Willsey of Strength Coach Therapy. Together we create monthly programs that are available to members through our website and app. We have two programs, Foundational strength and Sustainable Strength that offers programming for people of all varieties. 

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Train with me in person

Currently I offer services In Kelowna, BC, Canada where we can work on rehab or training. When working in person we start off with an evaluation and discuss what is the best course of action for you - whether that be independent work that I help guide, semi-regular treatment sessions, or regular weekly sessions as needed.

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Train with me Online

If you're interested in doing individual based rehab or training, but unable to see me in person, we can work together online! For many people online is a phenomenal means of best return on investment as you get a thorough evaluation done through intake forms & videos, then a customized program, and regular communication with me for the price of what many coaches/therapists would charge for a few sessions.

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